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Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

-All players must be able to:
  1.  Sauce
  2.  Dangle
  3.  Move with Grace
  4.  Talk Smack
  5. Throw down the mitts
  6. Snipe



The Inspiration
Old St.Nick himself

 This tournament is by invite only, if not invited contact one of the GM's, who will then bring your name to the attention of the committee.  If the committee of GM's deems you unworthy of exceptance into The Old St.Nicks Invitational you will recieve a letter or an e-mail wiching you better luck next year.  Thank You -The GM's
Meet the GM's:
-William Frederick-Known for his ruthless tactics, he'll do anything to win.  Most notable for his work with teams in Europe, he expects to be a force in the office as well as on the rink.
-Andrew Begg- Also called the "Savior", for his talents in the 2003 Turkey Day Invitational, this GM is proven and experienced.  He knows what it takes to get the job done, and can make a championship team out of nothing.
-Gregor Cosgrove-Creator of The Old St.Nicks Invitational, is a hard-nosed worker, who can get job done.  Knows how and who to draft to create a championship team. Also as one of the top prospects for The Old St.Nick Invitational, should make for an interesting tournament.

The Draft:
The Old St.Nick Invitational will be a bit different than the Turkey Day Invitational, there will be a preliminary draft before the tournament.  The draft will be headed by the three tournament GM's. 
Draft Rules:
-Each GM will be givien 6 roster spots
-The minimum of players on each roster is 5 players
-Each GM must elect a team captain
Each GM must make a team name, and properly equip his team
-Only one Lottery Pick is awarded to each GM

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"'Tis the season for some puck"-Will Frederick(GM)