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Rules and Regulations

The Old St.Nick Invitational is an exclusive(invitation only) tournament, mainly for recruitment purposes.  Many of the top prospects will be chosen from this years annual Boyd Park, Turkey Day Invitational.  This tournament has been created to see great hockey, and let the stars of this years Turkey Day Invitational showcase their talents.  It will be a high-powered tournament, played in the winter elements, bringing much adversity to the game, making The Old St.Nick Invitational a truely unique hockey experience.

The Hardwear
Awarded to the champions( The Bell Cup)

This years GM's:
-William Frederick
-Gregor Cosgrove
-Andrew Begg
-(If one of these chosen GM's elects to step down from their positions the following are to step up):
-Matthew Quigley
-Alexander "Zand" Begg

Date of Tournament T.B.D, for all fans and viewers Old St.Nick Invitational merchandise will be on sale at the games.  Admission for viewers will be $2, all proceeds go to the "Have a Puck foundation", which has been fulfilling kids dreams of owning their very own puck for 50 years running

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"'Tis the season for some puck"-Will Frederick(GM)